Your Guide to Tool Steel

How do you decide what grade of tool steel to use for your projects? We're here to help answer that!
titanium grade 2

Material Focus - Titanium Grade 2

Titanium Grade 2 sheet is one of the most useful and versatile metals out there. What does the future hold for titanium, and how can you use it?

Further Your Machining Education

Are you looking to teach a novice how to machine? Are you a novice who is looking to learn how to machine? Are you looking for inspiration on your next project? If so, check out these resources and brush up on your skills!

Women in Welding

Women comprised a fraction of the American workforce when the US joined the war in late 1941. That changed entirely during the next 4 years.

Material Focus - 4130 Round Bar

4130 is a popular high-strength steel alloy with a wide range of historical and contemporary applications. Find out what this metal can do for you and your projects!

Cool Things with Metal

Check out this 16″ tall clock that was constructed using alloy 353 brass purchased from Online Metals – by William R. Smith

Community Stories

Metals in Music

National Aviation Day!

Happy National Aviation Day, dear reader! I refuse to ignore this underappreciated day celebrating achievements in flight!