We’re happy to announce that we are adding 172 Beryllium Copper Round Bars to our selection of materials!

What is 172 Beryllium Copper used for?

Also known  as C172/c172, it is the most common alloy in the Beryllium Copper family. It is popular because of a wide variety of positive characteristics. 172 is a high strength and hardness alloy that is also easy to work and machine. Furthermore, 172 demonstrates excellent thermal conductivity. Lastly, it is non-magnetic and non-sparking.

172 is great for molds, specifically plastic injection molds, and complex shaping. Also, it excels in hazardous environments, such as projects involving oil or gas. As a result, it is particularly popular in the aerospace, coal, natural gas, and oil industries.

Beyond these more technical purposes, 172 is often used in high end musical instruments, especially percussion instruments, valves in motors, and golf clubs. These are just a few examples. In most situations where you need a non-sparking material with high strength, wear resistance, and/or conductive properties, 172 is an excellent choice.

The beryllium copper we stock are all cold worked metals.

172 vs 173

172 Beryllium Copper is very similar to 173. The main difference is that 173 contains a small amount of lead. As such, 173 is easier to machine. Additionally, 173 has slightly superior corrosion resistance to 172.

These are both useful, though more specialized, metals.

c172 beryllium copper

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