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Living with metal is on point this year. Twenty-sixteen brought many great interior trends: white minimalism, chic industrialism, and even the revival of warm metals. However since the coming of 2017, new—and even better—trends have already made their way into interior design. These days, metal is creeping into our homes in all places, shapes and sizes, and in all materials, alloys, and finishesfrom wallpaper to flooring, appliances to furniture. Customers are creating everything with metal from furniture and lighting, covering surfaces with metal sheet, and more! Looking to completely switch up your home or simply just spruce it up? We’ve rounded a few of the most prominent up-and-coming trends to keep you and your space current.

Warm and Raw

This is a new texture and color combination twist to industrial style interior design. No longer limited to cold warehouse décor, industrial has taken on a slightly cozier feel that achieves a modern yet perfectly lived-in look. Think raw metals mixed with warmer colors and grainy, earthy, natural textures like brick, cork, leather, marble, and rich warm stained and unfinished wood, creating a more masculine leaning, naturally homey feel.

Exposed pipe and tube, a cornerstone industrial decor, is also following this new warmer twist on industrial style. Choose copper or brass pipe/tube to create furniture, lighting, and more.


Big Statements

Metal is making a big statement by becoming a go to for architectural features. From walls to ceilings to floors and everything in between—the variety, longevity and versatility of metal materials are drawing big attention from architects, interior designers, businesses and home owners as a way to make their space stand out from the cookie-cutter designs of the past. Using metal tube to construct structural elements and metal sheet for surfaces and staircases is on the rise. Try creating our own standout piece forming or cutting sheet metal to create a uniquely stunning wall element. Shop sheet metal: Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Galvanized Steel, Stainless, Weathering Steel (Corten), Zinc

Artisanal Decor Finds

Our personal favorite up-and-coming trend for 2017 is the shift from purchasing from mass-produced retailers to more artisan purchases. The handcrafted look brings a one-of-a-kind aesthetic to your space, supports small businesses, and gives welders, fabricators, and metalsmiths a chance to show off their skill and express their creativity. Check out some of the stunning creations from Online Metals customers.

Black Steel and Dark Metals

Polished stainless steel has been a staple in interior design for a long time, particularly in kitchens. This year, black steel and burnt-colored metals—such as oiled bronze and wrought iron—are on trend. Darker metals like cold finished steel and hot rolled steel exude sophistication and will surely creep past the boundaries of the kitchen and into other rooms of the home. Darker metals can be incorporated in almost any décor style from modern, minimalist, and industrial to rustic, country, nautical, bohemian, traditional, and even feminine. Discover the difference between hot rolled and cold rolled steel > 

The New Gold: Brass

Brass is back and its popularity is holding strong. Brass provides the eye-catching glint of yellow gold, a favorite of new president Donald Trump­—as you can see from his New York, Trump Tower apartment.


Brass has been a popular materials hundreds of years with endless possibilities to include it into home design, from hardware and lighting to figurines, furniture, and railings. Brass works in spaces both opulent and understand and gives a fresh new take on the traditional gold look. Popular designers, like Jonathan Adler, are using polished brass to craft fun, modern furniture and accessories. While antique brass gives a more settled-in, established look. Shop Brass >

Creating with Copper

The copper ‘moment’ shows no sign of slowing down in 2017. Copper decor is the big DIY trend this year. And there continues to be a real demand for custom copper installations like countertops, home accessories, lighting, and even furniture. Custom copper creations are selling big in local shops and online market places like etsy. If you are looking to share your craft for some extra cash – copper is the way to go. Copper provides a sophisticated glow that can be easily incorporated into interior schemes to add an element of understated, modern lux or rustic warmth. It’s ability to change color through oxidation—from rose gold to darker antique to teal or green—make this material a versatile fit for any design. Shop Copper >

Mixing Metals

Gone are the days of worrying that your fixtures are perfectly matching. Mixed metals have been making prominence in interior design for a few years now, but the emergence of 2017 has taken ownership of this trend. Done well, the presence of mixed metals gives your space intriguing personality and adds visual depth to your home. Want more on this metal trend? Learn how to execute mixed metals >

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