3-D Printed Grand Torino Metal-Plastic Masterpiece

At this year’s New York international Auto Show, concept cars and production models nearly merged in design, bringing space age imagination to concrete reality. But, the art on hand was from otherworldly inspiration. This piece crafted by Ioan Florea presents a “liquid metal” version of the 1971 Ford Gran Torino.
This work of art is hailed as combining a classic American icon, made from new modern materials and processes, to create a futuristic version of American industry. Along with other objects on view in previous shows, Florea creates a stunning environment that urges a viewer to see the objects in person.
3d printed grand torinoFlorea wasn’t on hand at the auto show to explain his process, but recently elaborated on his work in an interview with 3D Printer World. “The actual 3D printing is basic,” he said. “Design the shapes, slice them, generate the G-code and print them.” The process that is complicated is in the combining of materials to make the metal, plastic, polymer material needed to create his unique art pieces.
3d printed grand torino
So what comes next after 3-D printing in this new metal-plastic hybrid? Florea says that he is working on 4-D printing where time is the fourth dimension.  With current innovations in plastics and material alloys we can only wait to see what inventions are coming just around the corner.