3 Reasons More Women Should Weld

Welding Empowers Women

Women are taking the welding world by storm, growing roughly 30% from 2016 to 2019, and we don’t foresee that increase slowing down soon. Even with that growth, women are extremely under-represented in this trade with only 1% of the total welding population.

But that hasn’t stopped the surfacing of extremely talented and entrepreneurial welders like Barbie The Welder (@barbiethewelder), Rae Ripple (@raeripple), Stephanie Hoffman (@underground_metal_works) and so many more!

Thanks to the many female pioneers in the field (dating back to WWII), the door is now wide open to come in and make a living doing something you love.

To give you a more visual overview, our friends at Welding Pros put together a great infographic with resources and facts on why women should look to welding as a career which you can review at the end of the article.

Below we will provide 3 reasons women should consider welding as an empowering career choice!

Skilled weld on piping

1 – There Is a Need For Skilled Welders

Welders are the backbone of our world, and it is easy to see if you are actually looking for it. Next time you go for a walk, check out the architecture, furniture, vehicles, and other fabrications all around you. Even with all of this beautiful welding all around us, there is a shortage of experts in the field continuing work like this and that is a great opportunity.

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports that the welding industry currently employs about 592,000 people. And while this sounds like a big number, predictions say that around 400,000 skilled welders are going to retire by the year 2024. Yikes!

That skills gap could provide a great opportunity for anyone interested, and we believe women can be a big part of it.

“It’s really quite a powerful feeling to be able to bend and form metal to your will. Welding gave me self-esteem and self-worth that I didn’t have when I started.”

– Barbie The Welder

Barbie The Welder Welding A Sculpture

2 – Welding Provides Flexibility & Specialization

Welding is both a functional and creative art that requires specialization and training, but the excitement of vastly different opportunities and competitive pay should garner your consideration alone.

Opportunities such as pipeline, garage, underwater, military, aerospace, sculpture, shipbuilding, and certified welding inspector roles offer many directions to take your career.

Welding also offers an opportunity for those seeking a more entrepreneurial approach if you choose to start your own business as plenty have. One of our partners, Barbie The Welder, has grown her sculpture art business significantly and is continuing to publish books, produce an online master class, and continue what she loves to do full time.

In addition, welding is also a very active/hands-on job with flexible working hours and travel opportunities. Once you get into welding, additional certifications can give an additional spark allowing you to master different skill sets and focus on specific industries. Welders have the opportunity to educate, manage, create, inspect, and operate advanced computer systems building a well-rounded working acumen.

“Welding is a tough job but extremely rewarding! It takes hundreds of hours of practice to gain the skills necessary, but once you begin to really master it, it will change you forever!”

– Barbie The Welder

Bored Dog At Desk Job

3 – A Chance at Something New!

Are you interested in shifting careers or getting bored of your desk job? Welding offers a great mid-life career change that you can continue late in life. Among roughly 450,000 american welders, the average age is 55, and fewer than 20 percent are younger than 35. With the need mentioned above, you can get started at a later age and get initiated quickly. In comparison to a college degree, trade school requires far less time and money and there are even some trade school programs that you can finish up in less than a year.

Skilled trades are an especially great opportunity for those who want to go the more entrepreneurial route and here are some eye-opening facts:

  •  17.5 percent of construction workers with an estimated 7 percent of welders are identified as self-employed (source)
  • Women-owned businesses continue to fuel the economy and now represent 42% of all businesses. (source)

Welding Pros (Women In Welding Infographic)

Women in Welding Infographic

A link to the original blog post by Welding Pros can be found here.

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