304 Stainless Half Round Bar

We are pleased to announce that we now carry Stainless Steel 304 Half Round Bars! This material is cold drawn and annealed for better finish and tighter tolerances. Additionally, this stainless steel half round bar has high corrosion resistance, strength and weldability. An all-around useful material!

Notable characteristics

This 304 stainless is easily weldable. Also, we have an entire blog post about welding stainless steel, check it out!

Also, like most stainless alloys, 304 is strong, non-magnetic, good at high temperatures, and strongly resistant to corrosion. 304 will however corrode in salt water environments, so this material isn’t ideal for applications there.

As mentioned before, this material is also cold rolled, so it will be stronger, with a smoother surface finish and tighter tolerances than hot rolled stainless.

Why a half round bar?

The unique semicircle shape of these bars is useful in numerous situations, though typically more specialized ones. Half round bars are vital to the machining and canning industry, and are also commonly used in architectural applications.

stainless half round

Stainless Steel 304

Stainless Steel 304 (UNS S30400) is the basic 18/8 grade, composed of 18% chromium and 8% nickel. Type 304 Stainless Steel is a member of the Austenitic family. The austenitic types feature adaptability to cold forming, ease of welding, high-temperature service, and, in general, the highest corrosion resistance. Stainless 304 has lower carbon to minimize carbide precipitation. It is also less heat sensitive compared to other 18/8 steels. Because of its excellent mechanical properties and resistance to several corrosive agents, Stainless Alloy 304 is widely used in household, architectural, and industrial applications.


Stainless 304 is a choice material for high-temperature applications. Possessing impressive weldability, strength, and corrosion resistance, Stainless Steel Half Round Bars are present in many businesses and industries. More commonly, they can be used in architectural applications, framing, machine part fabrication, as well as the food and medical device industry.

stainless half round

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