4140 metric tube

4140 Metric Tube

Online Metals is pleased to announce that we are now carrying 4140 Metric Round Tube!

This material comes in three lengths; 12″, 36″, and 72″.

What is 4140 Metric Tube?

4140 is an Alloy Steel.  It is mostly iron with chromium, molybdenum, and manganese mixed in. However, as the quantities of those additives is fairly small, it is considered a low-alloy steel. Because chromium and molybdenum are the main alloying ingredients, 4140 is often referred to as “chromoly steel.”

Alloy Steels such as 4140 strike an excellent balance between strength, weight, cost, ease of machining, and ductility.

4140 is high strength, high fatigue strength, tough, with torsional strength, and impact and abrasion resistance. Additionally, it is highly ductile when annealed, though it requires more pressure as it is tougher than most carbon steels.

You can easily weld 4140 with conventional methods. But if you weld it after hardening, it will also require post weld heat treatment.

Additionally, 4140 is noticeably cheaper than Stainless Steels of comparable size.

What is 4140 used for?

This material is typically used in aerospace, oil, gas, automotive, agricultural, and firearm parts. Specifically, it is often used for gears, shafts, spindles, fixtures, and collars.

4140 Metric Tube is particularly popular for projects that require lower weight but higher strength than Aluminum can typically offer. You can use thinner walls for your 4140 tube to save weight and money without sacrificing strength. Support struts on cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and aircraft are all commonly made from 4140.

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