5 DIY Weekend Welding Projects

Looking for a weekend project? Send National Welding Month off with a bang! Check out these 5 DIY Welding Project Ideas from our guest blogger Edan Barak of Welding Helmet Pros.

Five DIY Welding Project Ideas You’ll Absolutely Love

Welding as a hobby can be much more than just a form of artistic expression – it can be a source of extra income too! Ever wondered how all those beautiful pieces of metal art, metal furniture, or custom bikes are made? Well it usually boils down to a welder, a plasma cutter, some safety gear such as a welding helmet and gloves, and a whole lot of creativity.

These welding projects are a little more advanced in nature, so if you’re still learning the basics, you might want to give them a pass for now, and come back to them later. For those of you who are up for a fun challenge, they’re definitely the kind of projects you’ll love to sink your teeth into. You’ve had enough of simple workshop benches and yard art made from old horseshoes. You want something bigger, better and more impressive. In this vein, we’ve selected 5 of the best welding project ideas we could find to get your creative juices flowing.


If the words ‘awesome welding project’ and ‘fire pit’ don’t sound to you like they belong in the same sentence, then think again. You don’t have to stop at a basic fire pit with solid sides for this job (although that would be an ideal starting point for beginners). Instead, try to be as artistic as possible. You could shape your metal and create cut-out designs which would give a silhouette effect. You could attempt some interesting fire pit shapes such as spheres, rather than simple barrel or box styles. You could even fashion some metal ‘flames’ to sit in the bottom of your fire pit to add texture and dimension to your real fire! The possibilities with this idea are endless – and the best part is that the more intricate your design is, the more awesome it will look!

For an easier option try this cool fire pit made from a Steel Tread Sheet. Get the instructions here.


You might have already considered welding a BBQ grill, but a BBQ smoker takes it to the next level – in terms of appearance, that is. Some might say that a smoker is actually simpler to create than a grill, but being able to say that you’ve made your own smoker is something to be proud of. Not only is this a fun project to get your teeth into, but it also gives you an excuse to get your buddies round for a bite to eat! See how Phil & Lou created theirs here.

Metal BBQ Smoker


A large wall clock is the sort of small project that you can knock up in an afternoon – but it looks awesome. Essentially, you’ll be welding the clock’s frame – you’ll need to buy the actual clock face to fit in place. On the one hand this could be a small, detailed, delicate job, but on the other hand you could give your design a tougher, industrial feel to make an unusual feature to hang on your wall. Play with size and scale or materials like Copper, Brass, Nickel and Beryllium Copper, even add a mirrored back to get a unique look that makes a statement. Although experienced welders will handle this with ease, it’s a great idea for beginners who are looking for something a bit more fun and creative.

Make it or try OnlineMetals DIY Galvanized Metal Wall Clock


Building your own mountain bike frame is a fantastic way to combine two hobbies: welding and cycling. This is best suited to advanced welders, but if you do have the skills then it’s entirely possible that you’ll be able to make a frame that you can actually use. Finish it off with some artistic flourishes or a bold paint job for a totally unique bike frame that has your personality written all over it! Pithy Bikes has a full video play list walking you through the steps of welding your own bike.



Metal furniture looks beautiful inside your home yet is durable and weather resistant for your backyard. There are a ton of meat seating projects that range in style – from a sleek modern look to industrial to rustic – and require varying levels of skill. Welding your own furniture allows the creation of a custom piece that’s sure to impress all your friends. A garden bench looks impressive but can actually be easier than you think. A basic frame with slots for wooden slats to form the seat and back is a simple option that’s perfect for any outdoor space. Adding more ornate metal elements can really show off your welding skills. The best thing about metal seating is that it’s actually useful! And if you really want to show off your creativity you can try these innovative designs.

Bench-Go-Round with full instructions here.

Full Metal Sofa with full instructions here.
Full Metal Sofa