stainless steel coil tube

Our new 316 Stainless Steel Coil Tube is an extremely versatile material. It is designed with a few key strengths in mind: easy installation, high durability and corrosion resistance, low cost, and reduced risk of leaks.

Five Solutions with Stainless Steel Coil Tube

Easy Installation

This coiled stainless steel tubing is thin walled, making it light and ductile. Because of this, it is easy to feed where you need it to go. Further, the ductility means you can feed it around corners, pipes, tight spaces, wherever you need it.

High Durability and Corrosion Resistance

While this material does have thin walls, it is still 316 stainless steel. Because of this, it is strong for its weight and durable. Also, it can easy be run through a protective conduit if you are concerned about it being damaged. For example, PVC is a popular popular protective conduit for this.

But the main strength here it the corrosion resistance. Stainless steel 316 is a marine grade metal, and extremely resistant to corrosion from salt or chemicals. Because of this, 316 stainless steel coil tube is common where salt water or caustic chemicals are. The marine industry, petrochemical industry, oil/gas/compressed gas industry, and compressed air applications all heavily utilize this material.

Lower Cost

Per foot, stainless steel coil tube is less expensive than many comparable materials. This is especially true compared to copper coil tubing. Also, the ease of installation cuts down on the time and costs needed. Lastly, because of how the coil is processed, you can pull the length you need and cut it off from there. This reduces drops from longer lengths, and leaves little or no wasted material and money.

Fewer Leaks

Due to the length and flexibility of coiled stainless steel tubing, it means fewer fittings. Fittings quickly become expensive to buy, are often time consuming to install, and are weak-points in the tubing system. Most leaks in tubing systems happen at fitting joints. By reducing the number of fittings needed, everything about your project improves.

Easier Maintenance

Because it is a smooth, nonporous and stainless steel, the 316 coil tubing is easy to maintain. Whether using it for chemicals or foods, it is easy to sterilize and clean. Also, less maintenance required means an even lower cost over the lifetime of the part. And like we said earlier, this product has a long life to begin with!

What Lengths are Stainless Steel Coil Tube available?

We stock this material in 50′ and 100′ lengths. However, if you need longer lengths, we can provide a custom quote for those. Due to the manufacturing process for these, practically any length.

Please be aware though that this coiled stainless steel tubing is available in 50′ increments.

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