A500 Steel Pipe now in stock!

We are pleased to announce that Online Metals now carries A500 Steel Pipe, Grade B! A superior choice to standard steel pipe for almost all applications, it also is inexpensive.


Notable Characteristics

A high strength-to-weight ratio

Especially for steels, this material offers you more bang for your buck, so to speak. Furthermore, because it is a round structure and A500, it will distribute weight well and flex as needed without cracking like more brittle materials.

Good ductility and easy to bend without crimping

The ductility of this material makes it popular in settings that require curved or otherwise rounded supports. You can bend it to practically any shape you need while maintaining strength and avoiding the cosmetic and physical damage of crimping.

Easy to machine and fabricate

Whether you are using this for large pieces or heavily machining it for smaller, more specialized parts, this material will perform excellently. It’s also easier on your tools than other materials, which is never a bad thing!

Excellent weldability

Like most steels, A500 steel pipe is extremely easy to weld. We have an entire post about welding steels here.

Superior mechanical properties to standard steel pipe

A500 is stronger than other hot roll steels but still has the same benefits offered by those alloys.

Tighter tolerances than standard steel pipe

While hot roll steel is known for having extremely loose tolerances, A500 steel pipe has much tighter tolerances.

Inexpensive cost

Get superior quality while still getting that great mild steel price!


a500 steel pipe

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