All Thread Rod Now Available

All thread rod is now ready for your order at Online Metals. Our assortment of threaded rod includes Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel and Cold Roll. Choosing a pre-threaded rod has the advantage of eliminating the need to spend the time and resources required to custom thread materials. All thread rod is ready for installation when it arrives and can be used with standard nuts and standard washers. It’s also easy to cut threaded rod with common cutting equipment.
One of the most common words you’ll hear describing All Thread rod is “versatile.” This work horse of a material is commonly used in a large range of applications and industries. You may find all thread rod in construction projects, automotive structures and manufacturing alike. It fits great into tight spaces and can be cut, or even bent, to any size needed.
When looking for all thread rod, you may also find it called fully threaded rod or continuously threaded rod. Another nickname for this same product is redi-rod. When the threaded rod is cut short, it is also called stud.
Threaded rod sizes vary on both the diameter of the bar as well as the count of the threads, and the direction of the thread. So, be sure to pick the product that you need to fit your project’s specifications! All of our threaded rod stock in each alloy is threaded the entire length of the bar. This means the complete piece can be used for fastening. Each alloy we offer is available in a range of diameters and thread counts.

Aluminum All Thread Rod

As with other materials made from aluminum, these threaded rods will perform with a high strength-to-weight ratio. It is also desirable to fasten aluminum with aluminum. Using aluminum all thread rod to secure aluminum materials will help to prevent galvanic corrosion.
Aluminum all thread rod is also a good choice when the material is going to be finished for an interior application, as the material readily accepts paint or anodizing. If your project involves food containers or chemical products, aluminum all thread rod fasteners may also be a good choice as aluminum is resistant to chemical corrosion. Additionally, if having a non-magnetic environment is a concern, aluminum all thread rod is an economical choice compared with brass or copper.
Our 6061 aluminum threaded course rod is available in lengths ranging from 36″ to 72″, with a variety of diameter and thread count options.

Brass All Thread Rod

threaded-brass-rodBrass all thread rod is a great choice for ornamental projects that incorporate other brass parts.  Brass is often used in electrical applications as well as other industrial applications. Threaded brass rod is highly corrosion resistant and rates high on machinability as well. As a fastener, all thread brass offers a very strong component with no magnetism and high conductivity.
Our 360 brass all thread rod is available in lengths from 36″ to 72″ and varying diameters.

Copper All Thread Rod

Copper threaded rod offers excellent conductivity and is the best choice for electrical applications.  Copper all thread is frequently found in construction projects, especially in plumbing applications. This material provides good corrosion resistance, and is durable while still being malleable.
Our Copper 110 all thread rod coarse materials are available in lengths ranging from 36″ to 72″ and a range of diameters and thread counts.

Stainless Steel All Thread Rod

Threaded stainless rod is a hard working and versatile material. The nature of stainless steel rods provides high resistance to corrosion and rust. Due to this durability it is often found in marine environments as well as out-door construction where exposure to the elements and temperature shifts are a concern. The coarse threads in the stainless steel all thread rod also help with quick assembly and dis-assembly, to speed your project along.
Our stainless steel all thread rod is available in both 304 stainless threaded and 316 stainless threaded options. The difference between 304 stainless and 316 stainless is that the 316 stainless contains 2 to 3 percent molybdenum.  This addition of molybdenum provides even more corrosion resistance to the 316 alloy. 316 stainless threaded rod can be used in harsh environments including marine situations, areas using salt or chemicals for de-icing, or even medical manufacturing.
Our Stainless Steel all thread rod is availability in 36″ and 72″ lengths. Each length is available in a variety of diameters and thread counts.

Mild Steel All Thread Rod

all-thread-steel-rodMild steel threaded rod can also be referred to as Cold Roll Threaded Rod. Or, Cold Roll all thread rod! This low carbon steel threaded rod is generally a cost-effective solution where both strength and malleability are needed. Our fully threaded low carbon steel rods are available in a few different types of finishes.
The 1008/1025 threaded hot dipped galvanized rod is a great solution for outdoor projects. The galvanized hot dipped coating provides a thick layer of protection. This protects the materiel from both rust and corrosion. Be sure to get oversized nuts if you choose this material, as the thick coating adds to the diameter.
The 1008/1025 threaded zinc coated rod is an economical solution when a lower strength steel is needed for the project. The benefit of the zinc plating is that it provides rust resistance at a low cost.
The 1008/1025 threaded plain rod is great for general purpose applications that do not require high strength. This may include furniture building or securing.  Plain Acme 1008/1025 threaded rod is available in 36″ length package of 7 bars.