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Aluminum is one of the most diverse metals offered by Online Metals and is among the most abundant metals in the world. Aluminum is very frequently machined for everyday products which make the 6262 and 7075 aluminum alloys important metals.
In this video guide to Aluminum, we discuss the 6262 and 7075 Alloys and their properties.  by the end of the video and guide, we will be able to see what makes them so popular among Aluminum metalworkers.


Known as a favorite among machinists, the Aluminum 6262 alloy is made of a unique combination of lead and Bismuth which help in chip creation and breakage. Additionally, the alloy helps lubricate cutting tools for sharper cuts. 6262 is noted for its good strength, excellent corrosion resistance in atmospheric conditions, and bright polishing for finished items.
Typically formed through extrusion, forging, or rolling, 6262 is not made by casting, nor is it work treatable. 6262 has good characteristics for welding and brazing, with slightly less weldability compared to the 6061 alloy.


7075 is the known as the other aircraft aluminum closely related to the 6061 Alloy. Its chemical contents include Zinc and Copper making it among the highest strength aluminum alloys. The strength of the 7075 alloy is often comparable to many mild steel alternatives while it is significantly lighter. In machinability, anodizing response, and corrosion resistance, 7075 is considered average. 7075 can be found in many industries including automotive chassis, military grade aerospace, and safety equipment. Like the 2024 alloy, 7075 is not considered to be weldable, but can be joined through resistance welding.


Architectural shapes are also available in Aluminum. These shapes include I-beams in Aluminum Association and American Standard profiles, T-bars, Channel in Aluminium Association and American Standard, plus Architectural profiles, as well as Angle.
These alloys are top choice for machining, which make Cold Finish Aluminum Bare Round Rods and 7075 Square Bars the workshop essentials.