Aluminum Tread Plate: 6061 vs. 3003


Aluminum Tread Plate is used to provide traction, slip resistance, and protect high traffic areas. Online Metals stocks Aluminum 6061-T6 Tread Plate and Aluminum 3003-H22 Tread Plate, Brite. Aluminum Tread is much lighter than steel and stainless steel tread. Both Aluminum 6061 and 3003 provide excellent corrosion resistance, workability, and weldability. The raised diamond pattern provides all around traction to help reduce skids or slips. So what’s the difference between 6061-T6 Aluminum Tread Plate and 3003-H22 Aluminum Tread Plate, Brite?

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6061-T6 Aluminum Tread Plate

Alloy 6061 with T6 temper is heat treatable, provides very good corrosion resistance, and is about as strong as mild steel – making it a popular general purpose alloy. This material has a T6 temper meaning it has been solution heat treated and artificially aged to a stable condition, increasing strength and hardness. Because it has a high strength to weight ratio, aluminum 6061-T6 tread is an excellent alternative to Diamond Pattern Steel Tread Floor Plate and Stainless Tread. Aluminum 6061 is the most frequently used structural alloy and most versatile of the heat-treatable aluminum alloys. Because this alloy is harder, it has excellent machinability. Our 6061-T6 aluminum tread plate is shipped with a mill finish and takes finish well. Online Metals stocks three thicknesses of Aluminum 6061-T6 Tread Plate, from 0.125″, 0.1875″ and 0.25″ thick.

3003-H22 Aluminum Tread Plate, Brite

Alloy 3003 is not heat treatable but welds very well and has excellent workability and may be deep drawn or spun, welded or brazed. Although aluminum 3003 is about 20% stronger than the 1100 series, it is still somewhat soft and difficult to machine. This material has a H22 temper meaning it has been strain-hardened and partially annealed to about ¼ hard. Our 3003-H22 diamond tread has Brite Finish, giving it a brilliant shine, making it highly reflective, and easy to clean. Because of this bright, shiny finish, aluminum 3003-H22 diamond pattern tread sheet / plate is more commonly used in decorative and cosmetic applications. Online Metals stocks five thicknesses of Brite Finished Aluminum 3003-H22 Tread Sheet and Plate: 0.0625″, 0.08″, 0.1″0.125″, and 0.25″ thick.


Both 3003-H22 Aluminum Tread Plate, Brite and 6061-T6 Aluminum Tread Plate have a skid resistant raised diamond pattern that helps reduce slips and protects high traffic areas.


If you need a heat treatable, harder and high-strength material for structural or industrial applications, 6061 Aluminum Diamond Tread with Temper T6 is your best bet. If you want a more formable material that is more ductile for projects that prioritize visual appeal, then 3003-H22 Aluminum Diamond Tread with Brite Finish is the material for you.

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Aluminum 6061-T6 Tread Plate
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