Anatomy of Metal Body Jewelry

Hey, remember the 90’s? We do too. Remember that trend-setting Aerosmith video moment where Alicia Silverstone got her belly-button pierced? So do we.


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Did you ever wonder what type of metal body jewelry is made of?
Much of it is made from 6AL-4V ELI titanium. The ELI stands for extra-low interstitial, and has a higher purity level of titanium than its cousin, the plain old 6AL-4V. It has a good fatigue strength, and most importantly—high biocompatibility. This is because of the lower levels of iron and interstitial elements C and O.
Aside from body jewelry, it is also used in the medical field to make things like joint replacements, bone fixation devices, surgical clips, and cryogenic vessels. The high biocompatibility allows this type of metal to be in permanent contact with human skin without an allergic reaction.

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This is also the reason why body jewelry is so much more expensive than regular earrings.
If you would like to experiment with making your own body jewelry, various sizes of 6AL-4V ELI Titanium Round Rod can be found here!