Anodized Aluminum and New Copper Options

This is an exciting week at OnlineMetals as we are expanding our line of more copper sheet. Moreover, we are also happy to announce that Online Metals is now offering Anodized Aluminum Tube, Angle, Flat Bar and Round Rod!
C101 Copper at
If you’re not sure what Anodized Aluminum and how it differs from generic aluminum, Anodized Aluminum goes through a special process of electrolytic passivization which causes the metal to increase its thickness of natural oxide layers on its surface.
In this case, OnlineMetal’s Anodized Aluminum offers higher corrosion resistance than generic aluminum because of its magnetism and rust resistant qualities. More often than not, Anodized Aluminum is used for visual and decorative finishes due to its shine and good-looking nature.  Read more about the specific products and their characteristics below!

Anodized AluminumAnodized Aluminum and New Copper Sheet Sizes

C110 Copper SheetAluminum Anodized Round Aluminum Anodized Rectangle Aluminum Anodized Angle Aluminum Anodized Tube Aluminum Bright Dipped Anodized Tube