Beat The Heat


With the country seeing record-breaking heat this summer it’s important to remember to put safety first and take steps to beat the heat and prevent heat illness, especially when working with metal. Metalworking shops are at an increased risk with the added heat produced from welding and forging. Welders, blacksmiths and metalworkers should take extra precautions when temperatures outside are on the rise.

Summer sun brings with it extreme heat which can take a heavy toll and increase health and safety risks. It can reduce productivity, negatively impact work quality and lead to dangerous medical complications, such as heat stress and heat stroke. Keeping cool and comfortable while working with metal is an important part of ensuring your personal safety. A well-managed work safety program can help reduce injuries, improve regulatory compliance and manage risk. Here’s some helpful information about heat illness and some tips for prevention.

Beat the Heat #NationalSafetyMonth

Heat stroke is a medical emergency requiring the individual to be cooled down as soon as possible. If heat stroke is suspected, contact emergency personnel immediately, but start the cooling process first.

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