Why Online Metals?

The modern metals market is extremely competitive and full of choices. We at Online Metals know that you have a plethora of options. And, the numbers show that many of our customers are brand new to us. So you may be asking, “Why should I choose Online Metals?” That’s a fair question! And I’m here to answer it! Let’s walk through the benefits Online Metals provides that separates us from the rest.

Custom Sizes

One of the first things we like to talk about is that we offer custom cut metal, cut to the length you specify! Not a lot of other companies do that. And those that do often charge massive premiums for this service. While custom cut sizes at OLM are more expensive than standard sizes, we’re proud to say they are cheaper than our competitors. Therefore, we can get you what you want and for less!

No Minimums

This brings us to our second benefit, namely we have no minimum order sizes. The vast majority of our competitors and even our sister companies will insist you spend at least a few hundred dollars, whereas we do not! You want to buy that 42 cent piece of custom cut aluminum that you just can’t find anywhere else? We’re here for you!

Online Purchasing

As the name “Online Metals” implies, we offer all of our materials on our website. Everything we carry is listed there, organized by material, then shape, then size. You can place orders at home, in your pajamas, while watching Netflix, whenever you want! Our website is always there for you! It is worth noting that while our site is 24-7, our offices are open from 8 AM ET – 5 PM PT Monday – Friday, so if you give us a call at 1 AM, nobody will answer. But, rest assured that we’ll get cracking on that order as soon as we get back in!

Powerful Tools

Between our filters and the Material Quick Finder, we have many tools to help you find what you want as quickly as possible. We have a series of video tutorials on these tools.

Favorites and Project Lists

With just a few clicks, you can add items to your Favorites list or your Project Lists. In this way you can easily keep track of what you want to buy. There is also a one-click option to add the items to your cart. We’ve got an explanation video showing how these extremely useful tools work.

Custom Quotes

You may notice that we only have up to 8′ (96″) lengths or 36″ x 48″ sheets listed on the site. That is because those are the largest sizes that UPS will ship for us. Does this mean that we can’t ship larger, or that because we specialize in small quantities we can’t handle larger ones? Not at all! We have a dedicated sales team who do custom quotes.

Is there an item you don’t see on the site you want? Do you need larger pieces than we have listed? Do you need larger quantities? If you answered “yes” to any of these, our sales team is here for you! While the sales team can be reached at 800-704-2157, often times the best way to contact them, especially with larger quantities or pieces you don’t see on the website, is to email them directly at [email protected]

Speedy Shipping

Between our six facilities, we can generally get small orders out the same day if you place an order before noon, or next day if after that. There are some materials that are exceptions to this, things like blanchard ground plate, large bronze rounds, tool steel, or custom cut inch-thick stainless steel, might take a couple extra days to ship due to the size or time it takes to actually cut the material.

Online Order Pickup

If you live in the vicinity of any of our six warehouses, you can order online then pick up material stocked in that warehouse and avoid paying for shipping. For those of you who haven’t seen out little map on the main page, our facilities are in Seattle WASanta Fe Springs CANorthwood OHGrand Prairie TXAcworth GA, and Wallingford CT.

How do I do customer pick up?

When you are checking out, it will ask for a shipping address, please fill this out, as it’s what the computer uses to know which warehouse you are closest to. Then on the step where you choose shipping, if it is all in stock, one of the “shipping” methods will be Online Order Pickup.

Why isn’t order pickup appearing as an option during checkout?

This is one of the most common questions asked to the customer service team, and the answer is simple – at least one item in your cart isn’t in stock in the size you want in the facility closest to you. If you are having problems figuring out what is causing the issue, one of the easiest things to do is just pick UPS Ground and proceed to the checkout, but on the last step hit Pay By Phone as a payment option. Then give us a call with that number at 800-704-2157. This will pencil in the order so the sales team can see where everything is coming from, and the order can be easily adjusted as needed.

Material Test Reports

We also offer free Material Test Reports for the vast majority of our metals! With just a few simple steps you can access and download your MTRs. This means you can access them easily and whenever you want. We also have full traceability available if you require that.

It’ll make your Quality Assurance people happy!

I hope all of this helps explain why Online Metals is a great resource for you, and how some of our services work in particular! As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us via the website or phone and we’ll be happy to answer. We look forward to helping make amazing things!