Best New Products of 2017

Best New Products of 2017!
First and foremost, all of us at Online Metals want to thank our great customers for a great year! In addition to strong sales and new members in the OLM family, 2017 was exciting because we rolled out many exciting new products! We went through our various new products and picked the very best for you!

Muntz Brass

Muntz Brass is used frequently by designers seeking an alloy with an elegant soft golden tone.  Additionally, it maintains the anti-fouling properties of pure copper. However, it is only 2/3 the cost of copper.  Consequently, it is the material of choice for sheathing of boats, and piles of piers. Muntz is an excellent choice for marine environments as well as general decorative applications. Furthermore, it can be polished to a mirror finish. Satin polishes and custom polishing are also possible with this striking architectural alloy.

For a fuller explanation of the material, see our blog post here!
New Product - Muntz Brass

O Temper Copper Sheet

O temper copper is very soft, workable, and less brittle. This allows you to bend it without breaking it. Furthermore, O temper copper can be cut, shaped and deformed more easily than other tempers. Plus, soft annealed copper is less expensive than copper alloys with other tempering. Taken together, this makes O temper copper a versatile, cost-efficient option for a variety of applications.

For a fuller explanation of the material, see our blog post here!
New Product - O Temper Copper Sheet

Soft Brass Sheet

Much like copper, O temper brass has superior ductility and reduced hardness. As such, this sheet is softer and more workable. Additionally, it can be bent, shaped and hammered with less risk of breakage or cracking. If you are cold working this material, these advantages are great.

For a fuller explanation of the material, see our blog post here!
New Product - Soft Brass Sheet

Steel Tread Plate

Steel Tread Plate provides skid resistance and all around traction with an easy to clean surface. This is a commercial quality general purpose low-carbon steel that can be easily fabricated. Furthermore, it is suitable for bending, moderate forming, and welding.

Steel tread plate is widely used as flooring on docks, ramps, mezzanines, stairs, truck and trailer beds, and other surfaces that require maximum skid resistance and an easy to clean surface. In addition, it is an excellent choice for shelving, tool boxes, vending machines, elevator panels, and electronic cabinets which require some fabrication and can be finished.

For a fuller explanation of the material, see our blog post here!
New Product - Steel Tread Plate

Brass Channel

Brass c385 is also known, incorrectly, as Architectural Bronze. And true to that name, it is most commonly used for architectural applications. This is due to c385’s excellent machinability, durability, rich color, and ability to be polished. Additionally, this alloy has high resistance to water and corrosion. All of these attributes make c385 a good choice for multiple applications, businesses, and industries.

For a fuller explanation of the material, see our blog post here!
New Product - Brass Channel

Stainless T-Bar

This stainless steel T-bar is 304L, meaning Low-carbon. Stainless T-bar is typically used in structural applications where corrosion resistance is a priority. The higher levels of chromium in the 304 alloy gives it excellent corrosion resistance. Except, if exposed to chloride solutions or marine environments, 304 will begin to rust fairly quickly.

The shape of the T-bar also makes it great for projects that require load bearing. The top portion of the T (flange) resists compressive stresses and bears the bulk of the weight. Whereas the bottom (web) resists shear stresses and prevents the flange from bending or buckling.

For a fuller explanation of the material, see our blog post here!
New Product - Stainless T-Bar

Brass T-Bar

Brass T-Bar c385 brass/architectural bronze is commonly used for ornamental and decorative purposes such as trim, thresholds, hinges, and hardware. Like the aforementioned steel T-Bar, the brass bears loads and is often used for similar types of projects. c385 is mechanically similar to the c360 brass (free machining brass). However, c360 is slightly easier to machine.

For a fuller explanation of this material, see our post here!
New Product - Brass T-Bar

3D Printing Supplies

By far our most futuristic new product! The 3D Printing supplies are 3D filament made from PLA plastic. This type of filament is used in Fused Deposition Additive Manufacturing machines.

This particular material was selected because it provides consistent and easy feeding from the machine, is strong, less prone to warping, and allows very tight tolerances for the items being manufactured. Also, this particular filament can be cut, filed, or glued post printing. Further, it is compatible with most commercially available non-cartridge based printers.

It is worth noting that this material cannot be used with acetone, as it will melt the filament. Lastly, in an effort to be greener, the PLA filament is biodegradable and derived from plant matter, resulting in a lower impact on the environment.

For an explanation of 3D printing and the methods used, see our blog post here!
New Product - 3D Printing Supplies
From all of us at Online Metals, have a great year and we eagerly look forward to all of your fantastic creations in 2018!

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