Building a better mousetrap

We just got this email from one of our Online Metals customers…

Good morning OLM,

I thought some of the people at your company would get a kick out of knowing that your aluminum is getting a LOT of attention on the Internet this morning.

I’ve been building a robotic “Better Mousetrap” as a hobby for more than a year, and bought your aluminum for the case.
better mousetrap
We just started sending out press releases at 5 pm last night, and it’s already been seen by more than 400 THOUSAND people all over the world by 5 am this morning.
better mousetrap
Here’s a link to the photos and video:
Best Regards,
A Radok Company
Scottsdale, Arizona

Oh the mouse-manity!

Thanks for the email Jake, and that is a pretty slick and high-tech mousetrap!

It never fails to amuse us how our metals go in everything from cars and rockets to a better mousetrap.