New Brass Rectangle

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Introducing Cut-to-Size Brass Rectangular Tube

New Brass Rectangle

Did you know?

OnlineMetals now offers 14 unique shapes of brass materials including Brass Rectangular tubes, ball bearings, half-round bar, and more? Also, each shape is available in many more sizes and densities!The possibilities for metalworking are endless!IMG_0065

What can I make with Brass Rectangle?

Brass rectangular tube is an essential shape for any kind of architectural detailing.
don’t forget, Brass also offers moderately high strength and can be used for drilling and tapping operations. This makes it a sturdy and stylish addition for any furniture or art installation. Brass rectangular tube can be brazed and soldered making it complementary to any other brass shape!
Architectural Brass Rectangular Tube

Where can I buy some New Brass Rectangular Tube?

OnlineMetals offers a wide variety of brass sizes, and shapes now including rectangular tube!
Brass Rectangular tube is available in two different alloys, 272 and C385.
Alloy 272 Brass Rectangle tube is often referred to as “Yellow Brass” and is an excellent choice for many applications due to its relative strength and hardness compared to other more pure copper materials.
Alloy C385 Architectural Brass Rectangle Tubes are an excellent material for projects ranging from structural building trims to furniture, lighting and decorative objects. This architectural bronze material can easily be soldered and fabricated into consumer and industrial products, and is available in cut-to-size lengths.
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