Can Maraging Improve Your Golf Game?

Blog Post 04/16/14
“You say tomato, I say tomahto.
You say maraging, we say mah-rayging.
…Let’s call the whole  thing off.”

Maraging Steel Products Golf Heads

A common use for Maraging Steel is in construction of high quality golf heads.

Wait! That’s not how the song goes!  Sam Cooke, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong would probably never have sung a song about maraging steel but the staff at OnlineMetals might.  How do you pronounce maraging anyway?  We’ve heard it called a dozen different ways but the correct way is:
Why is it pronounced that way?
MARtensitic-a very hard form of steel crystalline structure
Subsequent AGING (precipitation hardening)
Maraging Steel is a low-carbon ultra-high strength steel which has good machinability and good weldability.  This material gets its strength from precipitation of inter-metalic compounds instead of carbon.  It contains nickel, cobalt, molybdenum, titanium and chromium.
Maraging’s strength (it is two times harder than stainless steel and 85% harder than pure titanium)  is what also makes the material great for golf clubs.
Club designers claim the thinner walls in wood heads and the perimeter weighting result in increased accuracy and distance, offering a ball velocity off the face that is 3-5% greater than titanium or steel clubs – no matter how you pronounce it!