Slingshot enthusiast, author, and long time Online Metals customer Mike Gamble reached out to us about a high-end carbon fiber slingshot he built. Most of the frame is made from carbon fiber tubes. Actually, most of his tubes are recycled hockey stick shafts!

This is a great idea, since the broken sticks usually end up in the garbage can while the composite shaft is still in great shape.  Very cool way to repurpose the material.

In this case, he used our stainless steel tubing to reinforce a couple of the weaker parts on the slingshot.

So here are a few still photos and another video he sent us.  Take a look!

carbon fiber slingshot

carbon fiber slingshot

Also, if you are particularly into DIY slingshots, then have I got a goldmine for you.

Meet The Slingshot Channel and it’s mastermind, Jörg Sprave! It’s one of my favorite YouTube channels.

Just to give you an idea of the sorts of madness he gets up to, take a look at the video below. Also, as an aside, I love Jörg’s maniacal laughter.

Remember kids, don’t try this at home without (supposedly) adult supervision!

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