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Metal Art & How To Get Started Hero

Metal Art & How To Get Started with Barbie The Welder

Do you dream about metal art and sculpting but have no clue where to start? Here are the 6 things Barbie The Welder says you should consider before starting!
DIY Decor For Every Season

DIY Decor For Every Season

Interested in creating your own decor this year? Online Metals has curated a progressive blog article with metal DIY decor for every season just for you!
3 Reasons More Women Should Weld

3 Reasons More Women Should Consider Welding

While the welding profession is predominantly male, we've seen impressive growth in women taking on the trade. Here are 3 reasons more women should consider welding!
The Creators

Meet The Creators

"The Creators" is a partnership between makers, fabricators, and Online Metals to take our customers on a journey from raw materials to real possibilities.
holiday hours

Holiday Hours for Online Metals

It's that time of the year to discuss Holiday Hours at Online Metals! We're taking a little time off to be with our families, but we're still here for you!
Online Metals Maker Academy

Start Metalworking Today with 15 Beginner Videos

Learn soldering, forging, and engraving with Online Metals Makers Academy. Watch free video metalworking classes taught by skilled pros!

The Benefits of Online Metals!

With thousands of shapes and alloys with different requirements, the journey to understanding the properties of metal is as continuous as it is rewarding! See how Online Metals is here to help!
COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan

COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan with Online Metals

At Online Metals we are committed to the health and safety of our staff and our customers as the essential component to successfully seeing our communities through this period of uncertainty. We want to assure you that Online Metals is working closely with leadership at all levels of our organization and is ready and committed to avoid disruptions that may impact our operations, in order to keep your business moving forward.

DIY Yagi-Uda Antenna with Jim

A longtime customer of ours made a DIY Yagi-Uda antenna to pick up television channels. Check out his work and see how you can make one for yourself!

Polishing with Skills and Trade

This week we spoke to Tyler Elmore about his channel Skills and Trades, what he does with it, and why he enjoys polishing metal so much.