Community Stories

A Great Steampunk Christmas Present!

In tribute to the late Jim Wilson, one of our favorite customers, we're posting about an amazing steampunk flashlight that he made for his daughter.

Celebration in Blue

Jeff made a sculpture, Celebration in Blue, that stands in Wenatchee, Washington. Check out some art in the real world made possible by Online Metals!

Helm Chair

Our customer Wendell built a helm chair for his boat that looks like something out of Star Trek! Come see the results of this cool project!

Better Mousetrap

Our customers used our metal to build a next generation better mousetrap! Check it out!
flying merkel

Oil Valve for a Flying Merkel...

A customer restoring a 1915 Flying Merkel motorcycle brought in a part he made using our metal to show off his work!

Duck Calls for days!

Check out these cool duck calls that Ann River Outdoors make using plastics they purchased at Online Metals. Also learn how you can make one yourself!
Raiders of the Lost Ark

Metals in the Movies: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Come see me ramble about the timeless movie, The Raiders of the Lost Ark, and put way too much thought into how much a golden idol head weighs.
october sky

Metals in the movies: October Sky

Do you get irrationally annoyed when movies provide incorrect or ridiculous metal information? We know we sure do! Today we set our sights on "October Sky."