Community Stories

National Welding Month

To paraphrase radio personality Roman Mars, good design (and welding) is 99% invisible.

The Benefits of Online Metals!

We are proud of the work we do, and we hope we can make you happy! See why we are trusted by hundreds of thousands of people and companies!

2017 Metal Trends: Living with Metal

Living with metal is on point this year. Twenty-sixteen brought many great interior trends: white minimalism, chic industrialism,…

Masks and More with Vagabond Metalworks

Vagabond Metalworks is part of a metalworking renaissance! We are proud to showcase their unique, fantastic, and wearable metal artworks.

Electric Skateboards with Ollin Board Company

Do you want to blast along on a skateboard at 35 MPH? Ollin Board Company has got you covered. Check out the clever engineering that goes into this.

Start-up Shop with Cyclefab

We met up with Seattle start-up Cyclefab to talk about what goes into running a business such as theirs, and the challenges they dealt with along the way.

Custom Art Panels with MetalBuffs

Custom art panels like those done by Norberto "D" Duenaz are the sorts of things that make our jobs interesting. Check out these cool pieces he makes!

FSAE Spinout with Cody

We received a video from a customer of ours who used some of our aluminum for his Formula race car. He also spun out and was extra glad for the protection!

Carbon Fiber Slingshot with Mike Gamble

A customer sent us pictures and video of an industrial strength slingshot made from carbon fiber and steel. Awesome!

Handmade Monty Python Crown

It is I, Arthur, King of the Britons! Behold my mighty crown, grab some coconuts, and join me on my quest to seek the Holy Grail!