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women in welding

Women in Welding

Women comprised a fraction of the American workforce when the US joined the war in late 1941. That changed entirely during the next 4 years.

National Aviation Day!

Happy National Aviation Day, dear reader! I refuse to ignore this underappreciated day celebrating achievements in flight!

Amazing Guitars with John Page

We're proud to say that John Page Guitars makes some amazing custom guitars using our metals. Check out some of his projects!

Formula SAE with Universities

Numerous universities make Formula SAE race cars from OnlineMetals materials. See the latest builds from student teams competing nationwide!

National Maritime Day

Commemorate the hard work and heroism of merchant sailors. Your whole world relies on them and the work they do!

May The 4th Be With You

A not long time ago, in a galaxy very, very close... It is a period of crafting. Rebel makers, striking from their workshops, have won a victory against the evil Boredom and Lack of Creativity.

National Welding Month

To paraphrase radio personality Roman Mars, good design (and welding) is 99% invisible.

2017 Metal Trends: Living with Metal

Living with metal is on point this year. Twenty-sixteen brought many great interior trends: white minimalism, chic industrialism,…

Masks and More with Vagabond Metalworks

Vagabond Metalworks is part of a metalworking renaissance! We are proud to showcase their unique, fantastic, and wearable metal artworks.

Electric Skateboards with Ollin Board Company

Do you want to blast along on a skateboard at 35 MPH? Ollin Board Company has got you covered. Check out the clever engineering that goes into this.