DIY Projects

Amazing creations from our customers, staff and ideas we love from the web!

DIY Halloween Candle Holders

In order to help get into the spirit of the season, we decided to make DIY Halloween candle holders here in the office!

Mini Cannon Fires Away!

A friend of mine recently gave me this great little mini cannon he made. It uses actual black powder and fires a small lead BB. We decided a test firing was in order!

Further Your Machining Education

Are you looking to teach someone how to machine or learn how to machine yourself? Are you looking for inspiration? If so, check out these resources!

DIY Airplane Built with 4130 Steel

Jake Schultz, Boeing engineer and aviation author, is building a 1931 Pietenpol Air Camper biplane in his garage using our 4130 steel tubes!
metal detectors

Beer Cans and Metal Detectors

Beach season is upon us, and there are a lot of people who like to prowl said beaches, metal detector in hand...
diy adjustable shelves

DIY Adjustable Shelves with Threaded Rod

Got some time to kill? Got some crafting skills? Want to make a cool adjustable shelf set? We can help!

How To Make A Copper Tube Air Conditioner

Welcome to summer! With scorching heat around the country everyone is looking for a way to cool down. But if you are not…

How-To Make A Teardrop Trailer

Just in time for summer, make your own custom teardrop trailer!

How-To Make A Metal Fidget Spinner

You either get it or you don't. The popular craze for fidget spinners swept in fast over the past few months. The toy has…

National Week of Making 2017

June 16-22, 2017 is National Week of Making. Celebrating the innovation, ingenuity and creativity of Makers. This year’s…