DIY Projects

Amazing creations from our customers, staff and ideas we love from the web!

How To: Thranduil's Crown - Build Your Own

Many of the makers in our community design and fabricate fantastic jewelry, swords and armor. So, why not an Elven crown?…
galvanized steel planters

Trend To Try: DIY Galvanized Planters

why not create a lively, attractive outdoor space with the simple addition of galvanized steel planters?

Trend to Try: Unconventional Clothing Racks

From rustic to daring, the clothing rack performs one function but may materialize in many forms.  As the range of DIY projects…

Stainless Steel for Stylish and Durable Backsplash

In addition to being a stylish addition to your kitchen, backsplashes are also a functional way to protect your walls while…

DIY - Counter Top Transformation with Copper

Homeowners Peggy and Everett S. recently revamped their kitchen with stunning new copper counter tops in a project they designed…

Carbon Fiber Slingshot? Yes please!

A customer sent us pictures and video of an industrial strength slingshot made from carbon fiber and steel. Awesome!

A Great Steampunk Christmas Present!

In tribute to the late Jim Wilson, one of our favorite customers, we're posting about an amazing steampunk flashlight that he made for his daughter.

Celebration in Blue

Jeff made a sculpture, Celebration in Blue, that stands in Wenatchee, Washington. Check out some art in the real world made possible by Online Metals!

Better Mousetrap

Our customers used our metal to build a next generation better mousetrap! Check it out!

Duck Calls for days!

Check out these cool duck calls that Ann River Outdoors make using plastics they purchased at Online Metals. Also learn how you can make one yourself!