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DIY Metal Detector

DIY Metal Detector

How to make a metal detector and the science behind how metal detectors work are quite an enigma to most. We've created this post to unravel its mystery and help you with your very own DIY metal detector!

DIY Upcycling - Trend to Try

Why shell out for designer made "vintage" chic when you can make it yourself?

DIY Air Conditioner

If you don't have any AC, chill out! DIY air conditioning is much more cost effective than buying a full unit. Also, there are a few popular varieties to fit your aesthetic and budget.

DIY Metal Twist Bracelet

Make this classy DIY metal twist bracelet for yourself or somebody you love! It's only 6 steps and 2 or 3 parts to make it.

DIY Titanium Ring

Step-by-step instructions to make your own DIY titanium ring! Incredibly sought after, this metal is hypo-allergenic, beautiful, strong, and durable.

DIY Pottery Barn Metal Chess Set

A chess set not only is a invite to challenge your strategy skills against a worthy opponent, it also can be a interesting,…

DIY Galvanized and Weathering Steel Gift Ideas

Inspiration to create unconventional gifts that are actually useful and can add value to your home with galvanized and weathering steel.

DIY Steel Gift Ideas

Let out your creative side with and amaze the people you love with DIY Steel gifts. We've got suggestions as well as material information!

DIY Brass Gift Ideas

Create with Brass. From DIY to professional projects - be inspired to create beautiful gifts with brass. Brass makes the perfect present for any occasion.
diy magnetic dartboard

DIY Magnetic Dartboard

Make your own Magnetic Metal DIY Dartboard! Perfect Present or Craft Project and Activity for all ages! Full instructions and materials. Easy, fast and fun!