DIY Projects

Amazing creations from our customers, staff and ideas we love from the web!

DIY Metal Flowers

Whether for the holidays, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, or just a random decoration, DIY metal flowers are beautiful, enduring, and a thoughtful gift.

5 DIY Weekend Welding Projects

Looking for a weekend project? Check out these 5 DIY Welding Project Ideas from our guest blogger Edan Barak of Welding Helmet Pros.

Interested in Welding?

Welding is an amazing and timeless industry. Are you interested in learning how to weld? Whether you want a career change or a hobby, we've got your back!

DIY & Pro Projects Contest Winners

The 2016 DIY and Pro Projects contest that recently came to a close produced hundreds of phenomenal entries! In fact, we…

Learn How to Solder - Tips & Tools Overview

In recent months, we've discussed the benefits of soldering when working with copper, brass and jewelry. We've even heard…

DIY Cutting Board with HDPE

Make a high-quality plastic DIY cutting board while saving big! HDPE is durable, moisture resistant, and easy to clean, which is why it's so popular!

DIY Coffee Table

Create a vintage styled centerpiece for your own living room with our easy to follow DIY Coffee Table guide. Its a simple and stylish weekend project.

Learning to Weld

Learn welding for fun with skilled instructors using a variety of techniques. Find classes in the Seattle area and all over the US for instruction.

DIY Metal Stair Rail

Add some safety with a modern flair and show off your skills with this DIY Metal Stair Rail plan! Durable, minimalist, but easily modified to fit any area.

DIY Fire Pit