ups account

Ship with your UPS Account

Lots of our customers want to save on shipping by using their own UPS accounts. Good news, you can! Learn about how and what to expect when doing this!
first robotics

FIRST Robotics Team 4469

Hailing from Thomas Jefferson High School in Federal Way, WA, Team 4469 is also known as RAID Robotics!

Most Popular Metals with Award Winners

One of our favorite things about 2018 was the 20 Years Strong competition! To this end, we wanted to look back at the most popular entries, and see what materials they used!
Materials Talk Video Series

New Product Guide Videos

There are countless types of metal, and enough information to fill volumes of books. But we know you don't have time to memorize or read all of that. As such, we're pleased to launch a new series of product guide videos! This new series is called Materials Talk.

Your Guide to Tool Steel

How do you decide what grade of tool steel to use for your projects? We're here to help answer that!