Success in the New Normal | Episode 4

Success in the New Normal | Metalpress Podcast Ep. 4

In Episode 4 of the Metalpress Podcast, Greg and Michelle talk about how both buyers and sellers are having to adapt to the new normal in 2021.
How Industrial B2B Can Thrive In Uncertainty | Episode 3

How Industrial B2B Can Thrive In Uncertainty | Metalpress Podcast Ep. 3

In Ep. 3 of the Metalpress Podcast, Michelle Edwards-Lanham and Travis Schultz talk about the initial impact of COVID and how Online Metals weathered the storm.
MP Podcast Ep. 2 with Paperless Parts Logo

The Need for Speed in the Metals Industry | Metalpress Podcast Ep. 2

In Episode 2 of the Metalpress Podcast, Greg Raece is joined by Jason T. Ray (CEO of Paperless Parts) to discuss the importance of speed in the metals industry.
Taking Metals Online | Episode 1

Taking Metals Online | Metalpress Podcast Ep. 1

Greg Raece and Michelle Edwards-Lanham kickoff Episode 1 of the Metalpress Podcast focusing on the rapidly evolving metals industry and taking metals online.
Our Best Videos of 2020

Our Best Videos of 2020

Check out our best videos of 2020 from our new company-wide campaign "What Will You Make?" to new partnerships with Paperless Parts and their paperless viewer to quote and source your material faster!
Metal Never Goes Outta Style Contest

Metal Never Goes Outta Style Contest

Are you a master of metal fashion? Do you make wearable metal art? Now is your chance to showcase your creation in a battle of timeless metal style. Submit a photo or video of your latest finished product and/or your in-process machining videos for a chance to win store credit and assorted prizes.

Shop By Application

Our customers work on a variety of applications, and to streamline the buying process we've dedicated two new pages to Marine and Aerospace materials.

Cold Weather Welding and Steel

Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean you have to stop welding. Learn some tips and tricks for Cold Weather Welding this holiday season!

Our 3 Favorite Metals in 2019

As the year and decade draws to a close (how the time has flown!) we wanted to look back to highlight our favorite three metals of 2019, and why they are our favorites.

DIY Copper Gift Ideas

Make your own DIY Copper gift for this holiday! A versatile metal that can be used to give a rustic or highly modern aesthetic, see what you can do!