DIY Decor For Every Season

DIY Decor For Every Season

Interested in creating your own decor this year? Online Metals has curated a progressive blog article with metal DIY decor for every season just for you!

The Benefits of Online Metals!

With thousands of shapes and alloys with different requirements, the journey to understanding the properties of metal is as continuous as it is rewarding! See how Online Metals is here to help!

Product Guides

Whether you're a novice picking up their first tools, or a hardened machinist, we've got free product guides to help you figure out what your metal can do.

Making with Tyler Bell Makes

This week we get to sit down with YouTube DIYer and Online Metals customer Tyler Bell to talk about his channel Tyler Bell Makes and what he's done there!

What Is Anodizing?

Strong, durable, corrosion resistant, and highly porous, anodizing is an electrochemical process that creates a thick protective finish on a piece of metal in a rapid and controlled manner.

Protobox: Prototype, Test, Teach

Protoboxes inexpensive ways to get numerous different metals in different sizes and shapes. They are also all new material, not scrap, so you can count on the quality of your mystery bag.