Materials Talk

New Stainless Steel 455 Round Bar

Grade 455 is a martensitic stainless steel. It possesses a yield strength which is nearly 3 times the strength of grade 304 stainless steel.
induction brazing

Induction Brazing

Though properly brazed joints are not as strong as welded joints, brazing has minimal effect on the metals being bonded.
Silver Flashed Copper Bar

Tin and Silver Flashed Copper Bars

Tin and silver flashed copper bar is often used as busbar in circuit breakers, panel boards, and electrical switch gear.
Best New Products of 2017!

Best New Products of 2017

2017 was exciting because we rolled out many exciting new products! We went through our various new products and picked the very best for you!
Stainless T-Bar

Why T-Bars? And what metal?

What's the value of a T-Bar? The answer is simple: load bearing! T-Bars are some of the best options for structural and load bearing applications.
Cold Weather Welding

Cold Weather Welding and Carbon Steel

Learn some tips and tricks for welding in cold weather
What is 3D printing?

Printing the Future with Online Metals

Learn about the applications and history of 3D printing, and how you can use it
Brass Half Oval Bar

Brass Half Oval Rod C360

Due to its appearance, the ease of machining, and how easily it polishes, Brass Half Oval Rod c360 is frequently used in decorative purposes.

Brass T-Bar C385

Common for ornamental purposes, brass T-Bar also excels in structural applications.
Stainless T-Bar

Stainless Steel T-bar

Typically used in non-marine environments where strength and corrosion resistance are crucial, T-bar is excellent structural material.