Materials Talk

Safe Handling of our Materials

Nobody likes an injury. And this week we wanted to provide some information on how to safely handle our metal once it arrives at your door.
tool steel

Tool Steel Guide

How do you decide what grade of tool steel to use for your projects? We're here to help answer that!

Further Your Machining Education

Are you looking to teach someone how to machine or learn how to machine yourself? Are you looking for inspiration? If so, check out these resources!
Musical Instruments Made of Metal

Musical Instruments Made of Metal

Musical Instruments are made from a variety of different metals depending on the desired sound. Learn more about bell metals, brass instruments, and how to make DIY musical instruments.
4130 round bar

Material Focus - 4130 Round Bar

4130 is a popular high-strength steel alloy with a wide range of historical and contemporary applications. Find out what this metal can do for you and your projects!

Material Focus - Titanium Grade 2

Titanium Grade 2 sheet is one of the most useful and versatile metals out there. What does the future hold for titanium, and how can you use it?

Welding Titanium

Interested in welding titanium, learning about different titanium weld methods, or even welding titanium to steel? We cover everything from the different titanium grades, how they are welded, and defects to avoid right here!
induction brazing

Induction Brazing

Induction brazing is preferred over welding in a variety of situations. Learn when to use each method with different metals.

Tin and Silver Flashed Copper Bars

Tin and silver flashed copper bar is often used as a busbar in circuit breakers, panel boards, and electrical switchgear.
Best New Products of 2017!

Best New Products of 2017

2017 was exciting because we rolled out many exciting new products! We went through our various new products and picked the very best for you!