Materials Talk

Stainless Steel vs Acrylic Mirrors

Let's explore two alternatives to glass mirrors. Both provide the same high-quality reflective properties and a number of other positives to boot!

All-Thread Threaded Rod - New!

Choosing a pre-threaded rod has many advantages. First, it eliminates the need to spend the time to custom thread materials. All-thread rod is ready for installation when it arrives. Further, it can be used with standard nuts and washers. Also, it's easy to cut threaded rod with common cutting equipment.

Powdered Metals - How do they Work?

What are Powdered Metals and what kind of role do they play in the Metal Industry? This post explores the amazing processes of powdered metal.

How To Identify Plastics

Does your shop have a mix of plastic sheets stashed in the racks, waiting for a project? If so, you need to know how to identify…

Flattened Expanded Sheet - New!

Last month we announced the arrival of expanded sheet, and now we've got an even larger selection! In addition to our materials in standard expanded sheet, we now offer flattened expanded sheet.

Learning to Weld

Learn welding for fun with skilled instructors using a variety of techniques. Find classes in the Seattle area and all over the US for instruction.

The Benefits of Copper

Copper is way cooler than you realize Copper is not just visually stunning. It is also medicinal and industrious all at…