Materials Talk

stainless steel and acrylic mirrors

All Thread Rod Now Available

All thread rod is now ready for your order at Online Metals. Our assortment of threaded rod includes Aluminum, Brass, Copper,…

Make A Custom Billet Grille For Your RV With Expanded Metal

When it comes to quality aftermarket car and RV grilles (often spelled “grill”), it’s common to hear the phrase “You…

How To Identify Plastics

Does your shop have a mix of plastic sheets stashed in the racks, waiting for a project? If so, you need to know how to identify…
flattened expanded sheet

Flattened Expanded Sheet- Now in stock!

Last month we announced the arrival of expanded sheet, and now we've got an even larger selection! In addition to our materials in standard expanded sheet, we now offer flattened expanded sheet.

Pro Tip: How to Tell Steel By the Numbers

Did you know that carbon steels and alloy steels are designated by a four digit number and that each of those numbers signifies…

Mastering Copper

Many talented artisans and crafts persons rely on OnlineMetals for the materials from which they forge treasures. One such…

Copper is Amazing

Copper is way cooler than you realize Copper is not just visually stunning. It is also medicinal and industrious all at…