Our Best Videos of 2020

Our Best Videos of 2020

Check out our best videos of 2020 from our new company-wide campaign "What Will You Make?" to new partnerships with Paperless Parts and their paperless viewer to quote and source your material faster!
Partitions for Essential Businesses

Helping Essential Businesses with Partitions

At Online Metals, we realize that our metals and plastics can play a critical role in preventing the viruses spread and provide safety & security. We've organized a quick how-to for you to help the cause by creating inexpensive protective plastic partitions.

Shop By Application

Our customers work on a variety of applications, and to streamline the buying process we've dedicated two new pages to Marine and Aerospace materials.

21% Off a Selection of Materials

As the year and decade draws to a close (how the time has flown!) we wanted to look back to highlight our favorite three metals of 2019, and why they are our favorites.

Buying Metal for Your Machine Shop

Streamline your machine shop purchasing process and see why Online Metals is the best with our handy machine shop buyers' guide!

Buying Metal Professionally

Many professional buyers, especially new ones, often feel that buying for the metals industry is overly complex. But metals are accessible, and you don't need to be an expert to buy them.