Controlling Corrosion!

Controlled corrosion can actually be considered an industrial asset – as well as an artistic one. But managing it can be a trick! (Just ask NASA about the titanium oxidizer tanks on the Apollo lunar module.)

corrosion on metal

Rust textures from

Most likely if you’re worried about corrosion, you’re not going to the moon, but rather working in the marine industry. And, you’re probably looking for solutions to manage your materials and extend the life of parts.
Just in time to help you with this task, OnlineMetals has added new marine grade materials to our product selection with 5083-H111 aluminum round rod, now available for immediate shipping.
Aluminum Round Rod
This alloy is used for high strength welded applications, with excellent marine environment corrosion resistance. It has a superior “skin finish” that was developed to prevent skin lamination, providing even better resistance to inter-granular corrosion than alloy 5083-H321.
We’re currently stocking 5083-H111 Aluminium Round Rod in sizes ranging from .25″ to 2″ and can cut to custom length, with more sizes to be added to the inventory soon.
If you really want to research the benefits of corrosion you can check out this research by  Dr . Edwin L. Owen, assistant professor of metallurgy at the Pennsylvania State University.