Cutting Thick Aluminum Plate

If you’re cutting plate that is a few inches thick, then you’re serious about your work. And if you’re serious about your work, you don’t want to wait for materials to get to the shop. Slow-downs at the supplier = slow downs in your schedule!
That’s why we’ve added a high-capacity production saw to our equipment line-up. To get plate out the door and in your shop as quickly as possible!  When it comes to cutting thick aluminum plate up-to 4.5″, managing orders can be a challenge for other suppliers with less advanced equipment. (Cutting your own plate? Scroll-down for a quick Pro Tip from the OnlineMetals shop!)


If you have project involving cutting thick aluminum plate  (or other sheet) that can be cut on your own equipment, here’s a tip for getting your cuts right the first time. When you’re not sure about the exact shape or size you want to cut out, draw your design on a disposable surface first! This can be a poster board, or left over cardboard material. Make a pattern of the desired end product and hold the pieces together with tape. This will even work for multi-dimensional projects. When you get the shape/size you want, take the pattern pieces apart and use as a template outline on your aluminum plate. Draw directly on the metal with a black marker, then make your cuts.
thick-aluminum-plateNeed some aluminum plate for a project? We’ve got cut-to-size thick aluminum plate up-to 4.5″ in-stock and ready to ship today! Check-out the inventory now >>