CyberWeek is Coming!

Our best deal of the year will run all week from Monday (November 30th) – Friday (December 4th.)  

How To Prepare For CyberWeek

Here is a quick checklist to help you navigate the best online material purchasing experience and take advantage of our best deal of the year! Win CyberWeek by:

  1. Creating your Online Metals account and signing up for email and SMS messaging.
  2. Building a list of favorites or project-specific lists in your My Account.
  3. Checking out Last Year’s Top CyberWeek Products
  4. And Our Most Popular New Products for 2020 to ensure you are getting the best bang for your buck!

Projects List and Favorites

Favorites allow you to compile a running list of your frequently ordered materials.

Projects Lists take that functionality one step further and allow you to create lists for easy reordering on re-occuring projects or builds throughout the year.

Both of these live in your My Account and will help you organize your material needs just in time for CyberWeek! Click the link below for a video walk-through.

Last Year's Top CyberWeek Products

Our Most Popular New Products 2020

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