dfars 5052

The hunt is over!

For years it’s felt like DFARS 5052 aluminum is as hard to find as a real unicorn.

But no more! Online Metals is pleased to announce that we now stock certified DFARS 5052 aluminum sheets.

Per usual, we will offer material certifications at no extra cost as well as full traceability should you require that.

Presently, we carry four thicknesses, though we are hoping to expand that catalog in the future.

What are the uses for DFARS 5052?

5052 is primarily alloyed with chromium and magnesium. This gives it strength, light weight, and makes it ideally suited to forming operations. It has superior workability and strength than any off the 11xx family alloys, 5xxx family, or 3003 aluminum.

It has excellent corrosion resistance and can be easily welded. However, 5052 cannot be heat treated and only has a “fair” machinability rating.

You’ll often find this alloy in heat exchangers, architecture, and sheet metal applications.

If you have additional questions about 5052 or other aluminum alloys, check out our video below!

Would you like to know more?

Perhaps you’re wondering what is DFARS, and why should you care? We have a blog post answering that question!

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