diy air conditioner

Stay Frosty with this DIY air conditioner

Welcome to summer! With scorching heat around the country everyone is looking for a way to cool down. But if you are not lucky enough to have an air conditioner in your home, don’t despair!

Chill out, we have some super simple DIY air conditioner for you!

Check out these how-to videos that utilize copper tube and coil with some MacGyver-like ingenuity to create DIY air conditioners that really work! If you want more on staying cool, take a look at our Beat The Heat Infographic with great summer safety tips for working with metal.  


Follow these step-by-step instructions, by fixitsamo, to transform any fan into super cooling and stylish air conditioner. We are loving the copper on copper look of this!


Coil of Copper Tube | Outside Diameter: 8mm (You will need about 15 feet of copper tubing. Lengths may vary depending on the size of your fan. Copper that comes coiled is easier to wrap in a spiral pattern and attach to the outside of your fan. It also makes it easy to ship in long lengths. Our 8mm OD copper tube comes in 10M length coils or about 32 feet. Making it the perfect length to tackle two fans if you want!)

Clear Vinyl Tube | Outside Diameter: 0.375” (2 pieces lengths vary)
Hose Clamps (2 that fit the outer diameter of the vinyl tubing)
Zip Ties
Fountain Pump
Water and Ice

Make Your Own Mini Air Conditioner

Want an air conditioner in your room but don’t have much space? Check out another DIY video below to assemble your own mini air conditioner that will keep you cool and save you space. Follow this how-to video or use it as inspiration to create your own custom air conditioner. Incorporate shapes and unique designs by bending and forming the copper tube. And when you’re done, share your creation with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!


Copper Tube 101 | Outside Diameter: 0.375″

Use these plans to chill out and show how cool you are! If you make one, please send us pictures.

Mr. Freeze would approve of all my puns.