With scorching heat around the country everyone is looking for a way to cool down. If you don’t have any AC, chill out! DIY air conditioning is much more cost effective than buying a full unit. Also, there are a few popular varieties to fit your aesthetic and budget.

The easiest and least effective version revolves around Styrofoam coolers with fans taped to holes cut in the top. But those aren’t as effective as what we have here! Also, they are a bit of a mess to build and don’t look great. With a few inexpensive things and easy steps, you can turn your fan into an elegant and retro copper tube AC! Give heat the cold shoulder.

diy air conditioner

Turn your Fan Into a DIY Air Conditioner

Follow these step-by-step instructions, by fixitsamo, to transform any fan into super cooling and stylish air conditioner. We are loving the copper on copper look of this!


  • Copper Coil Tube – The size you need depends on how large your plastic tubes are but we generally suggest 8mm.
  • Small Water Pump – This can be something like a fountain pump, or a fish tank pump, whatever is cost effective for you. These will often come with plastic tubing. If so, hang on to that.
  • Flexible Plastic Tubing – Make sure the inner diameter of this tube matches the outer diameter of the copper tubing and will fit with your water pump. You will need two lengths, so either get numerous smaller pieces or one longer length you can cut to size.
  • Hose Clamps – These will affix the plastic tube to the copper tube, so keep that in mind when choosing the size.
  • A bag of Zip Ties
  • Portable cooler

Once you have these components, follow the instructions in the video below. You’ll be kicking the summer’s ice in no time!

If you want more on staying cool, take a look at our Beat The Heat Infographic with great summer safety tips for working with metal.

Use these plans to chill out and show how cool you are! If you make your own DIY air conditioner, please send us pictures.

Mr. Freeze would approve of all my puns.

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