DIY Brass Coasters

Simple brass accessories never go out of style. In its simplest form, the metal provides a solid and understated platform to work with. Which makes it perfectly suited to protecting our tabletops and counters from drink-wear moisture. Check out these simple, elegant, but striking DIY brass coasters! From the living room, to game room, or even a ship cabin, these simple coasters are a useful and attractive addition.

What you need

Get making!

  1. Cut the brass round bar into discs about .2″ thick for each coaster. A set of 4 can be made with about 1″ of Brass Rod

-We used our handy Phoenix PA-13 to cut the metal – way easier than a hacksaw!

-If you don’t feel like cutting those yourself, our “Create a Custom Size” tab will be your best friend!

diy brass coasters

2. File off the rough edges, polish sides with fine steel wool

-Brad left the surface of the brass with the original saw cut marks. It gives extra grip for your glass and it provides a cool and unique surface finish.

3. From self-adhesive felt, cut 4″ diameter circles then apply to one side of your coaster.

diy brass coasters

Now you may enjoy your beverage without the worry of watermarks on the furniture!

diy brass coasters

This project was brought to us by our own Brad Larson! Cheers, Brad!

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