The holidays are upon us! Are you feeling anxious about presents or unsure what to get that one loved one? If so, don’t panic!

Why purchase an ordinary gift when you can make one that is personal, unique, and extra meaningful? Because everybody likes a heartfelt, unique, and handmade gift. And working with metal is a great way to get your hands dirty, express your ingenuity, and craft a gift that lasts a lifetime!

Why Brass?

Brass is an excellent choice when it comes to making beautiful and elegant gifts.

This warm-hued metal is strong but malleable, ductile, and machinable. Because of this, it can easily be worked while still retaining high strength. Also, brass is wear-resistance, electrically and thermally conductive, corrosion resistant, and antimicrobial.

However, the most outstanding quality of brass is its color. Brass comes in a range of attractive colors. From red and brown hues to more yellow and gold, and even silver, there is a brass color for your need. Because of its aesthetic charm, brass is popular for decorative projects.

DIY Brass Gift Plans and Inspirations

We’ve rounded up a variety of DIY plans and inspirations to help you come up with a unique Brass gift!

Projects can range from all levels of expertise and from large to small. So whether you’re a beginner in metal working or a pro, rushing to get something done, or wanting to take on a large project, there’s a gift idea out there for you!

DIY Plans

  1. Wind Chimes – You can really use any metal for these, but Brass gives one of the best sounds.
  2. Cuff Bracelet/Bangle – Again, any metal will work for this, but Brass and Copper are the fan favorites.
  3. Brass Coaster – Brass, Copper, and Stainless Steel are the most popular choices for this.
  4. Fifteen Puzzle – Get retro with this one!


Would you like to know more?

Does your Brass gift require some welding?

Good news, we’ve got an article about that! We also have tips and tricks for working with brass.

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