DIY Brass Patina

While the natural gold of brass is known to be bold and sharp, the elegant and mysterious blues, greens and textures of brass with patina is coveted for its unique sense of style and charm.
brass-jewelry-patinaIt may take years of weather exposure and salty conditions to create these lovely brass patinas, but fortunately one does not have to discover sunken treasure to get the look! With a few simple ingredients any brass piece can be customized to reveal the character within.

Here is a quick recipe for mixing up a Blue/Green patina to expriment with DIY Patina for Brass C260 or C360:

Hot Process = Hot solution, Hot metal, Cold rinse water:
Solution hot (180 to 190°F), metal hot (200°F), cold wash water applied after metal has cooled to around 100°F. Wash solution over metal surface, let dry, then wash piece in cool water. Repeat until color develops. For Yellow Green, dip in diluted nitric acid, then wash and dry.
(Always wear proper protective wear for skin and eyes when handling chemicals and follow all manufacturer precautions.)

brass-patina-bracelet-diyWhat Brass Products Can You Experiment With? Here’s a few to get started with:
Brass Balls: Etched “objet decor”?
Brass C360 Rod:Jewelry, sculpture, mobiles?
 Brass Tube: Jewelry, wind chimes, lighting?