The holidays are upon us! Are you feeling anxious about presents or unsure what to get that one loved one? If so, don’t panic!

Why purchase an ordinary gift when you can make one that is personal, unique, and extra meaningful? Because everybody likes a heartfelt, unique, and handmade gift. And working with metal is a great way to get your hands dirty, express your ingenuity, and craft a gift that lasts a lifetime!

Why Copper?

Copper is the perfect choice for a gift that balances rustic charm with contemporary flair.

This rosy-hued metal has been one of the most popular decorative metals thousands of years. It is ductile, malleable, workable, and has a warm aesthetic appearance. Also, copper easy to braze or solder. It is corrosion resistant and thermally as well as electrically conductive.

Copper can be polished regularly to keep its rosy gold color. Or if it is allowed to oxidize it develops a patina of a burnt brown highlighted with turquoise hues. There are many techniques for finishing copper. Because of this and its other properties, it is extremely adaptable to fit any look you want!

Its versatility makes this lustrous metal sought after by artists, jewelers, architects, and interior designers alike. Copper’s distinctive and sophisticated look will please even the pickiest of gift receivers and its resistance to tarnishing will keep your gifts beautiful for a long time.

DIY Copper Gift Plans and Inspirations

We’ve rounded up a variety of DIY plans and inspirations to help you come up with a unique Copper gift!

Projects can range from all levels of expertise and from large to small. So whether you’re a beginner in metal working or a pro, rushing to get something done, or wanting to take on a large project, there’s a gift idea out there for you!

DIY Plans

  1. Wind Chimes – You can really use any metal for these, but Copper gives a great sounds and aesthetic.
  2. Cuff Bracelet/Bangle – Again, any metal will work for this, but Copper and Brass are the fan favorites.
  3. Brass Coaster – Brass, Copper, and Stainless Steel are the most popular choices for this.
  4. Copper Leaf Wreath – Designed with Fall in mind, this is easy to rework for a stunning year-round decoration!
  5. Fifteen Puzzle – Get retro with this one!


Would you like to know more?

Does your Copper gift require some welding?

Good news, we’ve got an article about that! We also have posts on a wide range of other copper topics! Artists who do amazing work with copper? Check. What about more cool ideas for projects that might be a tad too large for gifts? Double check. DIY Copper Counter Tops? You betcha. Maybe even just general info about how darn cool copper is? Oh yeah.