DIY: Copper Leaf Fall Wreath


Copper is a natural choice for creating an object that reflects the warm hues and changing landscape of autumn.  We’ve found a collection of copper wreaths to inspire your creativity, with a simple DIY project plan to add a new look to any space this season. The basics of constructing the frame, hanger and leaves is the same, no matter which type of leaf you decide to make. Also, thanks to the small pieces of materials involved, this is a great project for making use of leftovers, scraps and odd snips of copper you may have laying about!


  1. FRAME & HANGER: Copper Tube – any thin tube will do, including Copper Tube 101 .125″ OD, which starts at just $0.94 for a 12″ piece! You can decide what size wreath you would like.  A suggested size is 15″ tall by 13″ wide.  (TIP: You can use a string to figure out how much framing tube you need.)
  2.  MAKE THE FRAME: First string a hanging wire through your tube and leave enough on the ends to twist the wire into a closed loop hook. Bend the frame into a circle and twist your threaded wire ends into a hanging loop. Next, flatten the copper tube/wire with a hammer and anvil to create a flat surface on which to attach your leaves.
  3. CUT THE LEAVES: Make a sample of the leaf or various shapes of leaves, you want out of paper, and trace the image onto your copper sheet. Using thin copper sheet or foil is best, so that you can cut the material with hand snips or heavy-duty scissors.  Copper Sheet 110 H02 (Half-hard) is the least expensive, and available as thin as .02″, starting at just $17.01 for a 12″ x 12″ sheet. (We also have Copper Sheet Metal Sample Packs available for $9.46, with sheets of various thickness.) 
  4. BURNISH THE LEAVES: To add texture to your wreath, apply a light flame to the front side of your leaves and you’ll see them change to glowing reds, browns and blues. Go lightly so as not to blacken the surface!
  5. ATTACH THE LEAVES: If you’re a whiz at soldering, the leaves can be soldered onto the flat, front facing of your tube.  Alternatively, you can actually hot glue the leaves onto the flat surface …the advantage to bending your frame with the flat side facing “up” and not “out.” Layer the leaves in random directions so that it doesn’t look like a row of leaves. Think, “falling on the ground in organic patters.” You can also add layers of glue between leaves to achieve a stacked effect, and the sturdy pipe will support them!

That’s it!  Wait for your glue to dry, then hang and enjoy until Christmas. You could also add ribbons or lights to make it more festive for the holidays!

Get inspired by other types of leaves, like Oregon "copper" salal!

If you need to grab a soldering kit while getting your copper sheet or copper tube, check-out the OnlineMetals tools selection!  We’ve got a nice, multi-functional soldering kit, found in our Jewelry Making Supplies >>

Copper Aspen Leaf wreath inspires even more shapes!