DIY Decor For Every Season

Quick & Easy DIY Decor Ideas for Any Season!

Interested in creating your own decor this year? We would love to help! Online Metals has decided to curate a regularly updated blog article with metal DIY decor for every season.

We will start with a few October/Halloween ideas and populate the other holidays as they get nearer to us. The projects will be a mixture of easy and complex projects for makers of different experience levels.

CALLING FOR SUBMISSIONS: If you are working on a project you would like placed in this article email us at [email protected] and mention this blog post.

Projects By Season

Halloween DIY Projects

DIY Halloween Chicken Wire Ghost Figure Yard Decoration (EASY)

What You Will Need:


  1. Start by forming the basic ghost shape and cut off the access with your wire cutters
  2. Use the ends of the cut wire to stitch the wire to itself
  3. Shape into whatever ghost form you would like
  4. Trim the top for a cleaner look
  5. Paint it with the glow in the dark paint for added effect

DIY Tin Can Pumpkins (EASY)

What You Will Need:


  1. Spray paint your tin can
  2. Hammer hole at the top of your can
  3. Stencil leaves on paper
  4. Cut and spiral wire hanger
  5. Sand down for a gritty look
  6. Decorate with twigs, hanger, and paper leaves


What You Will Need:


  1. Paint the gas can with a black base layer
  2. Cover in Elmers glue-all, and let sit 5-10 minutes
  3. Cover again with orange paint
  4. Use a design template of your choice to outline the face
  5. Using a cotton ball, dab black paint over your template

Sheet Metal Jack-o-lantern (COMPLEX)

What You Will Need:


  1. Download or design your own CAD file
  2. Setup machine to cut according to your design
  3. Bend/fold your material into its proper positioning
  4. Weld ends together
  5. Paint your desired color
  6. Let dry, and add lighting or candle for luminaire effect

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Winter Wonderland DIY Projects – 12/8

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