DIY Father's Day Gift #2

Stainless Steel beverage coasters as a DIY Father’s Day gift idea can be a sophisticated addition to any table set or bar top.
diy stainless steel coaster
(4) T-304 2B finish 0.12” stainless steel sheet squares 4” x 4”
Sand paper or a metal file
Simichrome polishing paste
A rag
Rubber foam or cork
Step 1: Place order at for simichrome polishing paste and 4 pieces of T-304 2B finish stainless steel sheet 0.12” thick custom cut to 4” wide x 4” long
Step 2: Use sand paper or a metal file to smooth out the sides and corners of the stainless steel squares.
Step 3: Use a rag to buff the material with a small amount of simichrome polish
Step 4: Apply a thick layer of glue on the bottom of your coaster and place your cork or rubber foam square.
Step 5: Let dry and you’re done!
This next DIY Father’s day gift idea is stylish yet affordable and simple yet unique. The blend of quality and inexpensive materials make this custom aluminum round rod wine rack the perfect DIY Father’s Day gift idea.


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1/2” 6063-T52 Extruded Aluminum Round Rods cut to 12”
Metal file
Steel wool
Wood panel
Wine bottles
Step 1: Place order at for a dozen 6063-T52 extruded aluminum round rods 0.5” diameter cut to 12” in length
Step 2: Use a metal file to soften the ends of the aluminum rods.
Step 3: Sand the rods with steel wool to clean them
Step 4: Use a drill to make two holes in the wood panel (2.5in-3in apart) and tap the ends of the aluminum rods to thru-bolt them to the panel.
Step 5: Enjoy a glass of wine, because you are finished!!
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