DIY Father's Day Gift – Galvanized Metal Wall Clock

A clock can be made using a number of different materials, of various shapes and sizes, to fit exactly the space and design you are looking for in your home.  Your husband/father/brother/uncle etc. will love the appeal in being able to have something completely unique and custom made from a loved one this Father’s Day.  This wall clock made from A653 Galvanized Sheet purchased at is easy and inexpensive!  This DIY Father’s Day gift idea would be a perfect piece to add a rustic look to any garage, basement or man cave.
Materials Needed:
Galvanized Sheet 0.03” thick 12” X 24” $6.40
Clock parts Kit – Walmart $8.00
Metal Snips


Galvanized Steel Sheet – Available in Cut-to-Size Pieces

Step 1: Start with the base of your clock. Take two lines corner to corner to find the center, use a washable marker to make an X on the desired spot.  Take a hammer and a nail and give the nail a couple taps to create a little indentation for the drill bit to sit in (this will help keep the drill on your mark and keep it centered).  Note, make sure you do the taping on a hard surface to keep the sheet from bending. Use a 5/16” drill bit to create a hole for the “I” shaft in the center of the  A653 Galvanized Sheet.
Step 2: If needed, fabricate a spacer to fit between the mechanism and the front of the clock so only a few of the threads of the “I” shaft show through the hole.
Step 3: Assemble the clock hands per the instructions. The metal hands can be cut to length with metal snips to fit your desired look.  You can also change the way the tip of each hand looks.
Step 4: When the finished clock is assembled, test it out.  You may have to make some adjustments in the tightness of the cap nut so that the minute and second hand work properly.
There you have it, a DIY Father’s Day gift idea that will be sure to impress the Dad’s.  Stay tuned next week for more DIY Father’s Day gift ideas from